Dear Families and Spectators,

We cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing support and spirit you continue to provide for our sports teams.  It means so much to your children, the other student-athletes, and the community to have your presence at games.   You are a big reason why we have such a successful program.  East Side and Beacon have come up with some basic expectations and guidelines for all spectators that are inline with the expectations and guidelines provided to our coaches and teams.

Expectations for Spectators at East Side/Beacon Sporting Events

  • Please let coaches do the coaching.  If you have any serious concerns about the way the game is being coached, please do not state it publicly. You may email the coach, ask for a private meeting with the coach or contact East Side or Beacon leadership if it is urgent.

  • Please do not question the decisions of any umpires.

  • Cheer enthusiastically, but only positively.  Never do anything to make a player feel badly about their performance, on your team or the other.

  • Promote and expect the utmost sportsmanship from your child.

  • Be sensitive about messages being sent when you debriefing the game with your child or others.