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You're invited!

Our 6th through 12th grade Roundtables presentations are an authentic and powerful way for our students to demonstrate what they have learned this semester. Your participation makes the experience even more meaningful and rewarding for our students.   To those who have joined us as judges for Roundtables before, thank you once again for your participation and we hope to see you back again this time.  For those considering joining us for the first time - we look forward to seeing you!  

Here is a letter from Principal Mark Federman introducing guests to Roundtables:  ​

June 2017 Roundtables Letter.pdf

Roundtables run from Tuesday June 13 to Wednesday June 21. If you would like to participate, please complete the form below. You will get to choose the date, subject, grade level, and the time of the presentation. Feel free to sign up for as many presentations as you like. If you have colleagues who would like to attend, please have them complete the form or you may complete the form for them.  

The following presentations take place on the days below:

If you would like to participate on more than one day, please fill out the form twice. If you want to participate in more than one subject on the same day, please fill out the form twice (once for each subject). Once you complete the form, you can assume that you are confirmed for that time slot.  You will receive a reminder email 2-3 days before your Roundtable date to confirm you can still make it and also to provide you with advance preview copies of the rubrics and documents you will use as a judge.  (Don’t worry - All docs will be reviewed before starting the Roundtable and as always, there is no need to have deeply studied the docs - we are just providing them in case you are curious or if you find a preview helpful)

Or click HERE to sign up for Roundtables

If you have any questions, contact Joe Vincente, Assistant Principal, at joev@eschs.org or (212) 460-8467 x3151.  If you would like to learn more about East Side's and Roundtables please see the articles below.

Looking forward to seeing you at Roundtables,

East Side Parents

Hi East Side Families, 

Below please find the  Roundtable schedule. Students will bring home individual schedules. If you would like to sign up for a Roundtable you can determine what time your child presents by following the directions that will be emailed by Letty. Please use the link to sign up once you know your child's schedule. We hope to see all families at all Roundtables. If your child is nervous about presenting in front of you, please ask them to let you know what subjects they are the most comfortable in and attend those Roundtables. 
If you have any questions please reach out to Letty or your child's advisor. 

Roundtable Schedule June 2017

Slot 1:           8:50-10:15

Slot 2:          10:20-11:45

Slot 3 (MS):   11:50-1:15

Slot 3 (HS):   12:30-1:55

Slot 4:              2:00-3:30