Please note that this set of conferences are mandatory for students who are in red or orange flag. If your child is in good standing, honors or high honors you do not need to sign up for conferences unless you feel you need to meet with your child's advisor to discuss their academics. Advisors may reach out to you if your child is in good standing but they feel it would be beneficial for you to come in to discuss your child's progress. Students must attend conferences with their families. 
IMPORTANT- On Wednesday we will follow a Friday schedule in order to to hold our afternoon conferences. Beacon afterschool will open early to accommodate our schedule for middle school students. 
I will be around during conferences if you would like to discuss summer opportunities for your child. The only time I will not be available will be on Thursday from 4-6pm. 

11th Grade

Thursday, April 6th, We will hold college information workshops for our 11th grade families. It is important that all families attend and bring the documentation listed below. In order to accommodate the scheduled of our families we will hold three workshops on Thursday (times are listed below). Please click here to fill out our form and let us know which workshop you will attend. Please note that your child must attend with you. If you have any questions please contact your child's advisor or email Jerome, our CBI Counselor, at
Please note that if your child is struggling with their current classes their Advisor will make time to meet with you after the workshop. 
Workshop time slots:
- 3-4:30PM
- 4:30-6PM
- 6-7:30PM
Please make sure you bring the following documentation:
- 1040's, W2's and IT 201 (parents should bring the whole packet)
- All paperwork from social security, (SSI, SSD) 
- All paperwork from federal subsidy (SNAP (food stamps), WIC, unemployment)
Families are welcome to bring just the originals of the above documents. Copies will be made during the workshop.