Co-op Village NORC, The Educational Alliance

The director of the Co-Op Village NORC, Ms. Bonnie Lumagui, let us know that they love working with youth and developing intergenerational programs together. She is familiar with East Side and believes that East Side students would be a great addition to NORC. Ms. Rita Siff coordinates volunteers for the NORC program. She can be reached at 646 395 4508,

"Co-op Village Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) is a social service program for adults over 60 residing in the co-ops located along Grand Street.  The NORC, in conjunction with our partners, assists senior residents in successfully “aging in place” by providing opportunities to engage in the community and by offering vital support services"

Co-op Village NORC located at 465 Grand Street, provides adults 60 years and older living in the Co-ops along Grand Street and East Broadway with a wide range of social, fitness, educational, and recreational, arts and cultural programs to choose from. Our activities schedule promotes healthy aging for all participants.

Along with an array of classes the NORC provides social work and nursing services. Assistance offered include obtaining entitlements and benefits, home care, supportive counseling, and access to emergency alarm response systems and much more."



This organization offers plenty volunteering opportunities, not only for High School students but also for Middle School students. The students sign up for a free account and then sign up or the project(s) they are interested in. GenerationOn offers a wide range of projects, for example "Animal Welfare, Environment, Citizenship & Civic Engagement, Emergency Prep & Response, Homelessness & Poverty, Hunger, Senior Citizens, Peace and Kindness...

For more information, please visit the website


The North Flatbush Fall Fest- Volunteer Opportunity- October 15th & 22nd

The North Flatbush Fall Fest will be this Saturday, October 15th and October 22nd from 12-4pm at the 6th Avenue Triangle at 6th Avenue/St.Marks and Flatbush Avenue. Student volunteers will not have to leave that location for any reason all assistance that will be needed will be there.  To find out more about the fest see the attached flyer.

We suggests the kids be at least 14 years old to assist with the duties which include:

  • Assisting children with pumpkin decorating NOT CARVING, we have stickers for the pumpkins
  • Assisting with setup and or break down of event i.e. hanging up decorations, helping set up tables and chairs, assist with getting props and games together for the breakdown - assisting with table break down, returning materials to boxes, garbage pickup etc.
  • Assisting kids with gaming activities, i.e. game boards, Jenga, ping pong, etc ensure kids are playing fairly and no pieces go missing :)
  • Assistance with vision board activity - we are asking residents questions in an activity to help us better gage our needs. We will need a helper in rotation at that table.
  • Assist with directing residents to certain areas, and tables, vendors etc.
  • Assist with arts and crafts table, manage lines for facepainting
  • Ensure residents have water if needed and ensure children are not taking too many toys out of our giveaway box

If you need a community service form completed see Letty before you attend

Pizza and refreshments will be served to all volunteers. When they get to the site they can go to the NFBID TENT and find Deja, who will be dressed as a scarecrow with pigtails. Deja will be there from 10AM- 5PM on both days of the event. Call Deja Smith for more info 845-518-3162 fall fest 2016.jpg